Nag and Sharwanand to team up?

Nagarjuna and Venkatesh seems to have decided it is better go for multi-starrers than single hero films with the growing budgets and their age factor. While both still can give run for money to any young hero with their looks, audience seems to be expecting them to be part of bigger films than just trying out their kind of films. In case of Nagarjuna, even though fans want him to do action movies, the actor after Officer result decided to be open to more and more multi-starrers provided they sound interesting.

He has few films in the pipeline from other languages as well. We got to know that a movie starring him and Sharwanand is being planned by a noted production house. It is said to be that production house head’s dream to produce movie with Nagarjuna and hence, he found an intense two hero script for Nag it seems.

The young director who will direct the movie, handled an intense movie it seems. We couldn’t confirm from sources, if it is just a rumor or a serious film developing the film offices. As off now, Nagarjuna did like one narration but asked for complete narration for a second time, it seems. We will update you with all the latest developments without fail.