My responsibilities have increased

Actress Keerthy Suresh delivered a life time achievement kind of a performance with her latest film, Mahanati. As legendary actress of South Cinema, Savitri, she did her best and even made many connect with the old actress. Because of the movie and her performance, many youngsters got to know about Savitri and she is receiving raving comments, awards and rewards too.

She said, “I am happy that the people are noe finding my talent more than just my looks or my bubbliness on-screen. I am enjoying the success and it came after a lot of hard work. I am not taking it as granted and I want to come up with better films. I know people will start expecting more and more such kind of huge roles from me. We cannot find them everyday and I don’t take it as a pressure. I take it as my responsibility.”

She continued, “I have been one of the young actors and I know the camera tricks. I have come up with my own and I can’t reveal them to everyone. After acting as Savitri amma, my responsiblities have increased and I am keen to improve on this further and further.” The actress is currently busy with two Tamil films and she is getting numerous offers in Telugu, but she is circumspect about them. Soon, she will announce her next projects.