My movie is not a competition

Raj Tharun is coming with Rangularatnam for Sankranthi and Annapurna Studios is producing the movie. Chitra Shukla is playing the leading lady and this is a romantic comedy. The story is said to be a simple comedy and Raj Tharun interacted with the media about the film recently. He said,” It is a pleasure that I am working with Annapurna Studios for the second time after my debut film, Uyyala Jampala. This movie is a good film for the festival and hence, we thought this movie is right to come for Sankranthi.”

He further said that he doesn’t consider himself as a competition to anyone. “I don’t have any prejudice to work with any direction. Sriranjani after working with Selva Raghavan for many years, understood the perspective of men and women very well. I am happy that I worked with her and she is quite passionate too. I got a call from Supriya garu and I heard the script and did it immediately,” said Raj.

He then also said, ” The love story is about a guy who takes life not so seriously but settled and a girl who is completely serious about life. This is a slice of life film and I can say that this is a good change from commercial films for me. I am trying to do 3 films this year and may be 4 will release this year. Our director is so particular about even the expression, so we hope we have done a good job that people will like it. From second half of the year, I will work in Dil Raju production.”