Mohan Babu slams CBN about fee issue

Mohan Babu has been one of the successful educationalist in Telugu States. His Vidhya Nikethan in Tirupathi has won several awards for being one of the best institutions in the state.

The actor came out in open and asked for fee reimbursement amounts to be cleared by AP government. He said, “I am running a popular and big education institution in state of Andhra Pradesh”

He continued, “Many celebrities came to my college, appreciated my staff and their commitment to let quality education be the motto of our institute. I am not making any kind of political demand here. I am asking for our right.

Fee reimbursement is one of the best schemes that YSR was able to do perfectly. From 2014, this scheme is pushed to the back burner and government owes 19 crores to just my institution. If CBN doesn’t order to clear the pending amounts, we will go for a bigger fight on this issue!”