Mohan Babu Enjoys The Fasak Trolls 

Trolls have become common to celebrities and trolling has become an occupation to many on social media. They take it very seriously and come up with a daily dose of comic posts and memes to attract the social media frenzy people. They troll themselves and take nothing seriously, except for trolling.

Now, Mohan Babu’s latest interview to English news journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai became an element of fun for them. In the interview, Mohan Babu translated one of his punch dialogues and said, “Don’t kill so many times, just one time, Fasak!” As he is known in Telugu Cinema to come up with some innovative sounds and lines, Fasak became a sensation on Social media.

There are hundreds of memes, edits, and videos about the Fasak and they even reached Mohan Babu. The actor took them all in fun and tweeted,

“#fasak Good to know it’s trending! @iVishnuManchu tells me there are minimum 200 spoof videos! Saw some, really innovative and funny!”

Well, we have to appreciate his sense of humour and even thank for letting us see some innovative and creative memes with his one word, Fasak.