Mohan Babu about drug scandal in TFI

Mohan Babu is one of the most versatile and popular actors in Telugu Cinema. He kept his silence during the drugs case even though his son’s name also got out by few media circles into the case. He talked about it in an interview and said, “When people started pointing fingers at them and saying that they are involved in the drugs case, I called my sons into my room and asked them. “

He continued, “If they got involved in such a case, I would have myself asked them to surrender to police and took strict action that they do not repeat such misbehavior again. Personally, I am disturbed that such malicious things have entered into our Industry. Luckily, my children stayed away from them owing to all the qualities that we imbibed into them as parents.”

The actor said that many think of him as a short-tempered person but he is not. He explained that he never hit any heroine or co-star and the rumors about Sakshi Sivanand are not true. “I never hit her, I just scolded her for coming late on sets!” He said that he worked hard for Gayatri and did three fights. His son, Vishnu teased him that he can only do one fight but he took it as a challenge and did three he exclaimed. Gayatri, starring Mohan Babu, Vishnu Manchu, Shreya and Nikhila Vimal is releasing on 9th of February. SS Thaman scored music and Madan directed the film.