To be good in a society that thrives on crooks and gives power to those that divide them, is a very hard thing to do for any person. A person has be crooked enough to understand the world and turn it upside down even for good gains. Today, we met such a person and he looked like he knows what he is doing and had honesty to stand by his word.

Well, such person is called MLA, Manchi Lakshnalunna Abbayi and Kalyanram played the role on screen. Kajal Aggarwal supported him as lady lead and Upendra Madhav directed the movie. Let’s discuss further

Plot : Kalyan (Kalyanram) for his love has ti taken on a goon cum politician, Gaadappa (Ravi Kishan) in a village named Veerabhadrapuram. The villain of the story is a completely crooked person and he thinks only about his gains and even doesn’t leave out children from his evil schemes.

This triggers Kalyan to form an uprising in the village against him. He starts this fight for love of Indu (Kajal Aggarwal) but he then understands that the problem is too deep and tries to solve it more seriously. Is he successful? If so, what are the obstacles he had to face? Watch the movie at a theatre near you, if you want to find out answers ..

Performances : Kalyanram is quite natural in his performance. He looked completely in form while delivering the punchlines and tried his best to rise above the script. But the script did not help him even one bit. All his efforts got wasted in a bad film.

Kajal Aggarwal is beautiful and she is used in the movie to look pretty and dance around, that’s all. Ravi Kishan is getting monotonous. Posani, Prithiv, Prabhas Srinu, Brahmanandam are highly routine in this movie. All other actors are just wasted in insignificant roles.

Technicalities : Editor Tammiraju, tried his best to keep the run-time in check for this movie. Still, the movie is a complete washout as the script doesn’t have anything that can excite an audience who have already seen many films on the same line and similar kind of screenplay.

Director of Photography, Prasad Murella, completed his job well enough. He took good shots of locations and the sets. That’s all he is asked and he just deliver that.

Music by Mani Sharma is a big letdown. None of the songs felt good and they mostly seemed like rehashed versions of his earlier songs. Even the BGM is remix versions of his popular BG scores.

Writer – Director, Upendra Madhav seems to be highly influenced by Srinu Vaitla and many other films. Even though he had a good point to say, he did not tell it in the right possible way. He chose an highly routine and beaten to death way to make the movie and this is a big letdown. None of the comedy in the film is well executed and we find it highly, non-sensical too. He needed to use best possible tools to create good entertainment but the he failed miserably.

Analysis : The young director tried his best to make a commercial formula film for easy success. That did not work for him as his writing is too lazy and execution is lackluster. The movie falters in being a passable entertainer too. We have seen a lot of films in this format and we don’t have patience to watch such films anymore. But if you feel you can deal with a badly made film, go for it.

Rating : 1.5/5

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