Today, I met a do-gooder who lives with his parents, hates his grandfather to core and thinks life is nothing but a cool breeze that will flow along without any holdbacks. But his life falls into a trap of love that makes him think twice as hard about what his future should be and with whom! Well, such a guy is called, Mister and here we try to explore his life that unfolds on screen further.

Plot : An Indian family in Spain lead a happy life while their eldest family member, Picchayya Naidu (Nasser) lives in the ancestral village near Devanahelli, Karnataka. He cannot go and visit them as his grandson Chai aka PicchaiNaidu (Varun Tej) hates him to the core for killing his mother in accident. He sees him as a villain in his story and vows to never meet him. As the old man, yearns for his love and affection, family decides to send him for Sankranthi to the village. Chai meets Meera (Hebah Patel) in Spain and he falls for her but she doesn’t reciprocate. Chai decides to help her in uniting with her love Siddharth (Prince). On his way, he meets Chandramukhi (Lavanya Tripathi) and she starts a journey with him. Why does she follow him? What will he do to help both the ladies? You need to see that on screen..

Performances : Varun Tej needs to work on his expressions and dialogue delivery as well. He imitates Pawan Kalyan in the movie for few scenes and then suddenly try something other. His inconsistency in the performance and body language disrupt the flow and few scenes that could have worked on a better actor fall flat on face due to his inexperience. This should be a wake up call to the young actor and he should try to work on his body language even more.

Hebah Patel needs to come out of her Kumari 21F acting style and improve on her expressions even more. For every role and movie, the done to death body language won’t help her to improve. Even her body language is not that good in the film. Lavanya Tripathi as Chandramukhi is highly underutilized and she misses the mark by quite a distance. May be Srinu Vaitla did not concentrate on the performances as much as he concentrated on trying to make a road movie.

The casting has many heavy weights like Nasser, Nikethan Dheer, Brahmaji, Anand, Murali Sharma, Bharath, Tanikella Bharani, Rajesh and others just walk on screen and none of them give you a reason to get excited or remember them.

Technicalities : Writing by Gopi Mohan and Sridhar Seepana doesn’t bring anything new to the movie. As they try to evoke laughter and emotions, we tend to get nostalgic with the ideas that are as old as the film itself. They need to come out of those tried and tested ideas as soon as possible.

Music and BGM by Mickey J. Meyer doesn’t work in sync with the film. Even the music composer seems to be in a holiday and just gave whatever he thought was appropriate rather than that enhances the feel of the movie. He proves to be the major drawback for the film.

Srinu Vaitla fails to come up with a new story or even a fresh treatment. He tries all his clichés in the book and fails to understand what works for him for the chosen story. He makes a highly forgettable entertainer that fails in giving a reason to watch the movie. Never he looks to be in form and many of his ideas fail to impress.

Cinematography by K.V.Guhan fails in this movie miserably and he couldn’t even present the naturally picturesque locales like Coorg and Ooty too. Editing by MR Verma is highly ordinary and one feels he could have edited out lot more than what he did. His work in songs and action sequences is unbelievably ordinary that makes you wonder if such a talented person is at work here.

Analysis : The major success of this film is to make you believe that any director who found success with one kind of formula cannot come out of those old habits even though they fail doing the same again and again. Srinu Vaitla needs to realise his ideas have grown old and he should rework on his scripts more. With each and every department failing to delivery, Mister becomes one of the rarest gems in TFI from a renowned team that plunges into deep dark abyss of complacency and senselessness. Avoid meeting this Mister.

Rating : 1.5/5

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