Mister gets trimmed!

Mister, the movie that was touted to be a comeback for Srinu Vaitla and first commercial hit for Varun Tej had tumbled at the box office the day it released and many fans are still reeling in the aftermath. The makers seem to be determined to somehow bring the audience to theatres. It is not easy as the film watching youth demographic got bored off the same stale routine scripts.

Srinu Vaitla, who reintroduced the formula of family entertainers with sarcastic comedy, failed to recuperate with the changing times. He believed his style of comedy doesn’t need a revamp and even though he said otherwise, his film proved that to be not a 100% truth. He did try to induce emotions into his stagnant screenplay but the elements that he chose for novelty summed up for a parody than serious movie making.

Well even actresses like Lavanya Tripathi and Hebah Patel who are ever growing in popularity could also not save the drowning ship. In a desperate attempt, the makers have reduced the runtime of the movie by 12 minutes. The music by Mickey J. Meyer too was rejected and the makers did cut off the item song as it was mostly trolled on the social media. However, many feel the damage has been done with Shivalinga getting decent reports and Bahubali2 right around the corner and people saving money to watch the Magnum Opus.

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