Mehreen quoting huge amounts?

Mehreen Prizada is one of the latest sensations in the Telugu Cinema Industry. After an year of absence, she released nearly 5 films in Telugu and the actress took deserved break after that. Now, she signed a film with Gopichand and another film with Naga Shaurya is in talks. The reports from the Naga Shaurya’s Narthanasala, suggested that the makers are keen on signing her but she is quoting too huge remuneration.

A source revealed, “The actress is asking 90 lakhs as remuneration and extra Rs. 20,000 per day as charges for her staff and outfits. As the producers find her suitable for the role, they are waiting for her to lower the quote. If she doesn’t they might look for someone else.”

The new film is a production of IRA Creations that produced Chalo, with Naga Shaurya. Srinivas Chakravarthy is getting introduced as the writer and Director with the film. It is said to be a laughing riot and the actor will be sporting a new getup it seems. Source further revealed, “The actresses suddenly increase their remuneration after a hit and producers end up with no other option but pay, as they are present viable in the market.” We have to wait and see, how will they go forward.