Mehreen is asked to give her remuneration back!

Mehreen Kaur Prizada has been one of the fast rising actresses in TFI, so much that she has no dates free for another six months. She has a good demand in even Tamil films and that is keeping her busy all the time.

Now, she got into a tussle with producer, Kushi from Rizwan Entertainment, who asked her to return her remuneration advance. The actress and Sudheer Babu had been decided as a pair by the producer for his next film.

Accordingly, they did a pooja ceremony in August too. But Sudheer decided to walk out from the film due to creative differences and producer asked the actress to even leave the film as he is looking for a new pair. The actress did not agree and he moved to producer’s council.

The actress asked for MAA intervention and help. She said that she will be losing the dates that have been blocked for the film and she needs that to be compensated with this sudden ouster. She said that she will obey MAA verdict but they have to give her a fair chance too.