Mehreen in the awe of Raja The Great!

Ravi Teja has been the man of masses in his movies and he is also got to be known as Mass Maharaja of Telugu Cinema, in no-time. He managed to impress many audiences with his dialogue delivery and action on screen. He created a name for himself with the energy portrayals on screen and off screen he is said to be the most positive person among all the heroes in the Telugu Film Industry. Well, even found another fan for his energy on screen and off screen, in his next film, Raja The Great heroine, Mehreen Parizada Kaur.

Mehreen talked about being inspired by the actor with his positive attitude and energy. She said, “ During the Darjeeling schedule, everyone in the set were scolding the weather and also were feeling extremely cold. But Ravi Teja looked happy even those circumstances by saying that we can’t such weather in Hyderabad. It amazed me how he can be so cool and full of energy all the time without feeling an ounce of unhappiness and he doesn’t constantly compliant too.”

She said further that she learnt that positive outlook from him towards the life. She praised him for being punctual and highly concerned about health too. “I’ve seen no one who is happy to eat less and be full of energy on sets. He maintains his energy throughout the day and that rubs on everyone on the sets too. I think I can learn that try to be as positive in my life as possible”, said the actress. Raja The Great, is being directed by Anil Ravipudi and the movie is planned for a release in October.

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