Megha Akash comfortable with intimate scenes!!

In films, according to the script demand and situation it is important that the lead actors or even supporting cast to participate in intimate scenes. Some take advantage of this and shoot those scenes in a distasteful way. But there are several makers who shoot them very tasteful keeping the comfort of the actors at top priority. Gautam Vasudev Menon is known for shooting tastefully intimate scenes. In many of his movies with love themes there are intimate scenes but none of them seem forced or out of context. For his new movie with Dhanush, Ennai Nokki Payum Thota, where the revered actor is playing a college student who falls in love, there were several kissing scenes.

But the shy actor was feeling uncomfortable to kiss on screen. He is known for delivering great performances on screen but he is truly uncomfortable with certain scenes on screen. As the actor was feeling it, Megha Akash rescued the scene by making the actor feel comfortable about the scenes. If she was also feeling highly uncomfortable the scenes would have been highly forced or even tough to shoot as well. Well the scenes are said to have come out really great and the movie is said to be a different experience for all GVM and Dhanush fans. In the movie, Megha Akash is playing a struggling actress and the film is said to be releasing in February.

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