Mega Marriage a complete farce!

These days rumours and gossips have taken over the authentic news sources. Many people are starting to believe that those rumours are the correct information and are unable to dissect and differentiate between the sane and insane gossips. Well, all credit to few media channels that go forward with some sensational news just for the sake of TRPs, clicks and extra circulation. Another insane gossip that transformed into news is the “Mega Marriage.”

According to those news outlets, Sai Dharam Tej and Niharika Konidela were looking to get married soon. The parents of both of young actors have accepted the alliance and soon they will announce the marriage date officially. Well, several outlets have also taken it to a level that the engagement is also decided and Nagababu will come on with announcement as soon as possible. While Niharika is busy prepping for her next movie, remake of Marathi film, Happy Journey, Sai Dharam Tej is busy with his movie, Jawan shooting.

The news or Gossip got the attention of all the Mega fans and many were surprised. We got to know this as complete fabrication of imagination of an active brain, but not true at all. Both the actors treat each other as siblings and the family of both the actors were upset to hear such a heinous rumour. Well, we would request the gossip mongers to think before spreading such farce as “News!”

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