May 25th gets more crowded!

Few dates, without much significance, become too important in Film Industry. Many people try to try to release on that date and we don’t find it to be auspices or any special. Still, producers somehow only find that one date to release their films. But, 25th May, has a significance. It is the last available Friday in Summer Holiday season. In June, the schools will begin from 4th June, Monday and that means from 1st June, parents will be busy making arrangements for their kids to rejoin schools. Hence, 25th to 31st of May is a lucrative period for Cinema.

During this last weekend, many would be coming back from vacations and grandmother villages to the city to do the shopping for essentials of the kids and others. During this period, if a film clicks, it can hope for a surge in demand for tickets. To make use of that, Officer starring Nagarjuna Akkineni directed by Ram Gopal Verma, Ravi Teja’s Nela Ticket have been scheduled to release.

Now, Ammamma gari Illu, a movie starring Shamili and Naga Shourya is also scheduled to release on the same date. The movie has been in making and post-production for a long time, but the producers are finally, able to clear out the issued and finalize a date. The promotions will start soon it seems. Shamili after Oye, is making a comeback in Telugu movies with this film.