Marakathamani will thrill you – Nikki Galrani

Nikki Galrani whom we last saw in the movie, Krishnastami in Telugu will be seen again in Marakathamani, this Friday. She talked to media about her movie and role. The actress acted in 25 movies in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. She shared that her role will be a new experience for every audience member in the theatre.

She said, “ I’m choosy with my work but I’m very happy that I already completed 25 films already. You might have all seen the teaser and trailer talking about the powers of Marakathamani. Well, how the rare diamond will change the lives of these four friends. My character will be very different and no actress will be very keen to do the role that I did in this movie. I’m very busy with four Tamil movies and one Malayalam movie this year.

“I’m hoping that I will soon get opportunities to do straight Telugu movies as well. Even though I’m not a regular in Telugu Cinema, I like the environment and industry and will definitely try to work in the straight films, Inshaallah!” About Marakathamani the actress further shared, “Director Saravanan even though a debutant never feared about the cast or he was never unsure about what he wanted. I’m positive that he will go places. With Aadhi, i felt relaxed and he is the more caring person on sets. I hope you all will enjoy the movie releasing this Friday, the 16th!”

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