A green emerald stone has been stolen by a person and he is killed by an unknown force. The emerald stone is revealed to be Marakthamani. The emerald belongs to Vikram Aditya, the ruler who is believed to have great following in the public and a pure hearted soul. As he loves the emerald with all his heart, after his death many treasure hunters try to steal the emerald. He haunts those who steal it from him and kills them.

Plot : Raghunandan [Aadhi pinisetty] is a lowlife who needs lots of movie to solve his problems and attain his silent love, Alekhya [Nikki Galrani]. He joins his friend Chinna [Daniel] in his smuggling work and their boss Ramdas [Ramdoss] helps them in surviving. Alekhya gets married to another person and Raghu completely involves in his work. He wants easy money and looks to do one big heist that will clear all his problems in a jiffy. One Chinese collector offers ten crores for stealing Marakathamani and Aadhi accepts the deal risking his life. What happens next? Who will help him? Watch it on screen.

Performances : Aadhi pinisetty doesn’t have much to do in the movie and more than his character we fall in love with Ramdas who reincarnates as a ghost. The movie could have done well enough with his character and good performance but writer director fails to utilise him completely. For the limited character promise, he does justify with his performance. Nikki Galrani did not get a good character. While as a wife and lover, she just had to say everything with her eyes, her character doesn’t have any bones even in the reincarnation.

Even though it is a bold attempt by any actress to accept such a role her incompetent performance doesn’t help the movie at all. Ramdoss and Daniel carried the movie on their shoulders and even Anand raj lends a hand in making the movie at least watchable. All others too give okay to good performances but none of them provide enough support for a sinking ship.

Technicalities : Ark Saravan even though has good premise to go with, but he doesn’t have good enough script sense to convert the basic idea into a better script. He has some good punches here and there in comedy not much in the story and the climax doesn’t work well enough. We expect a lot of back stories and explanation in a horror comedy to connect with the characters. But the writer fails to provide enough reasoning to go with the various crazy ideas he renders in the script and we tend to loose focus on the major plot points after a point of time. The movie would have been a good fun dark comedy had he concentrated on making the better movie than a movie that feels is good enough.

Shankar’s cinematography and his penchant to create a tone for this heist comedy pleases your eye but the writing really lets him down more than one can accept. His work in the budget given is commendable. Dhibu Ninan Thomas scores too loud music and one tends to feel irritated and even his bg dominates the dialogue track as well. Had he scored good enough BGM for the movie, it would have been a great help. GK Prasanna edits the movie okay but he fails in providing a consistent tone to the movie.

Analysis : Even though the movie has enough to offer, the writer director, fails to understand the complete potential of the script and idea he has. He just tries to play with the idea on basic level but fails in capturing the magic of the real heist comedy. He mixes the genres but in his penchant to create an entertainer he misses on many elements as well. The twists are good enough but they don’t hold up well in the ultimate context of the story and screenplay. This movie is an okay watch if you can look past the glaring mistakes.

Rating : 2/5

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