Manoj on a body building spree!

Manchu Manoj is one of the Telugu actors who dares to do anything for action sequences on screen. He is one of the best action choreographers too. He decided to do his own stunts in his films right from his first film and he has been continuing to surprise audience with the new and raw stunts in his every film. Right now, the actor is undergoing Mixed Martial Training in Phuket, Thailand near Bangkok.

He shared a video of this training and tweeted,

“The only bad thing in MMA is kicking our master. Sorry guruji! But you are giving the best MMA training. Phuket diaries,”

Also, the actor is looking to shed a lot of weight for this movie. He is playing the role of a boxer in the movie and the stunts will be composed in a street fight model with-in the extreme rules of the MMA fights.

His previous film, Okkadu Migiladu has been postponed from 8th September slot due to heavy VFX work and the producers have announced that they will tell the new release date soon. In the movie, he is playing the role of Vellupillai Prabhakaran and also a student leader from 1980’s. For the movie , he had to put a lot of weight and he shed most of it, also will sport a six-pack abs for the movie.

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