Mani Chandana the new Character actor!

Telugu Cinema is blessed to have some good actors who have missed their success train at the young age returning back in the matured age to catch the train and rock it. We have actors like Rao Ramesh a great example of such late blossom and here again, another actress is looking to such a reversal here. Mani Chandana once a heroine of small films, is looking to comeback and become a character actor in Telugu Cinema for good!

The actress after her film Devi Nagamma, took a break from all the B-grade offers pouring in and decided to marry and take a break from acting. Now, she is back in some high profile films with good characters. Even in her younger days, she had been known for having an expressive face and talent to act as well as anybody out there. Now, she is playing characters in the films Achari America Yatra and Ungarala Rambabu.

The actress got a role in Achari America Yatra after her appearance in the movie, Ungarala Rambabu. Director Kranthi Madhav needed someone to do a middle aged role for his movie with Sunil and he found Mani Chandana apt for that. As the actress turned out to give a good performance, she got a role in the movie, Achari too. Both the movies are scheduled to release this year and we might find another character actor like Eeshwari Rao who know got a chance to act opposite Rajnikanth in Kaala.

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