Manchu Manoj gets social media suport

Manchu Manoj gave an emotional speech about his life till now, career and future in the pre-release function of his next movie, Okkadu Migiladu. He said that he wished to stop acting in movies and continue to be a people’s man. For his family, he decided to continue pursue his acting dream and he announced one day he will be the man to ask all the questions as a representative of oppressed people.

In the function he said, “I react to normal life situations. From young age, I am a highly sensitive person. I do things that make me feel happy and I can’t take that people are facing suppression even in this day and age. All big and powerful people are thinking it is easy to suppress a small guy. Even big people in our Telugu Cinema are making a mistake of threatening the small people. They are doing everything they can to suppress people who make low budget movies. I am facing those troubles even though my dad is influential. Fed up of all this, I wanted to quit acting and go into the public.”

Many of his fans and social media regulars found it completely heartwarming and genuine. They praised him for his commitment to being honest and truthful. Few have wished to join him on this path. Some people even suggested that he should become a Jena Senani and help Pawan Kalyan, as the actor has come into politics too with same motivation and ideology. Anyways, Manchu Manoj attracted many good praises and blessings with his highly emotional and heartfelt speech.