Make-up doesn’t suit me much : Sai Pallavi

Sai Pallavi has entered into creative field as a dancer and then continued her studies. She went to Georgia to study medicine and in between the years, when she got an offer to play the role of Malar in Malayalam classic, Premam, she took it with both the hands and ended up creating sensation. But then she just acted in another movie with Dulquer Salman in Kali in Malayalam and then, she went on to complete her Medical degree. She then got an offer from Sekhar Kammula and she accepted to become Bhanumathi in Fidaa and the rest is history.

The actress is basking in the success of her new film and also enjoying the new identity she got. She shared about her personal life to the media lately and we bring to you certain details. “I’m from Kotagiri, a border village in between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. My mother’s name is Radhamani and father’s name is Sendamarai. I had to work hard to learn Telugu and understand it properly to emote in the movie, Fidaa. Bhanumathi has become so part of my system that even I changed as a person these days,” shared Sai Pallavi.

She further stated, “ I love Telugu dishes but I’m very careful about what I eat. I’ve a passion for dance and if I did not become an actor and a doctor, I would have been a dancer. In fact, I wanted to participate in Dhee Program for that very reason. My father did not accept but I made him to do. I don’t believe in make-up so much that I believe in naturally. Even in Fidaa, I acted without make-up. I can’t wear too glamorous clothes and I made it a point even in Fidaa shoot. As my director, Shekhar convinced I wore the revealing dress in the second half. I’m happy to do less films but I want to do those films that have good characters for me.”

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