Majili could be the comeback for Chaitanya?

Naga Chaitanya has been looking at different scripts to find his rhythm at the box office but he has been able to deliver one hit and one flop, from 2016 since Premam.

After a career dampening disaster like DohChay, he started doing two films per year and one has been a love story and another an action flick. In 2018, the formula did not work for him as both failed.

He decided to stick family entertainers for time being and accepted Venky Mama, Majili. The later is releasing first and Venky Mama did not even start the shoot yet. In the film, Venky Mama, Venkatesh has a meatier and funnier role, it seems.

Majili has Samantha his real wife and perfect pair on screen acting with him. So, it is important for Chaitanya to give a hit with Majili which will help him for Venky Mama to save some limelight for himself as Venkatesh showed that he can easily hog it all-over with F2.