Mahesh Kathi vs PSPK fans takes another turn!

Mahesh Kathi has been criticising the fans of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan for constantly pestering him with phone calls and death warnings. The critic has been completely damaging the Pawan Kalyan JanaSena campaign by taking the support of Media. He has been asking Pawan Kalyan to control his fans and as the issue is escalating, he even took personal digs at the actor.

Poonam Kaur, who is a big fan of Pawan Kalyan did criticise Kathi Mahesh and the critic, invited her, Pawan Kalyan and Kona Venkat who criticised him for an open discussion on Sunday. The critic said, ” I wanted this issue to end and go on with my life. But none of the actors I mentioned have showed up Today. I have some questions regarding authenticity of Jana Sena and so, I questioned, Mr. Pawan Kalyan on my Facebook feed and social media, to vent out my frustration and I have been doing it for years on different issues. Fans of Pawan Kalyan took it too personally and for my protection, I went ahead to the media, to take this matter to the hero, so that he could control his fans.”

He continued, ” Rather, the actor has been silent completely and now, my Family is also getting death threats. My mother and wife, are being dragged into this so, in my panic, I am trying to end this here. I just have few questions and for them, if they answer, I will end it here. I have a right to ask and what made Poonam call me Fatso? If she does so, I am ready to expose her personal relationship with Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas. Didn’t she commit suicide? Who helped her to pay the bills? What did Pawan Kalyan promise her mother? Why does she hate Trivikram Srinivas so much? Didn’t she participate in a Tantric Pooja with the two? Why did she participate in a Pooja with Pawan Kalyan in Tirupathi under same ghotra? Answer these questions and you will who is speaking truth and lies.”

His main attempt looked like it is directed at Pawan Kalyan’s personal life too and he said, ” In my desperate attempt to get answers I am targeting their personal lives too. I thought this fight is between me and Pawan fans, but no, it is between me and Pawan Kalyan. The actor is unable to control his fans and I am suffering for that.” He is trying to play the victim card, but the matter seems to be going out of hands too soon.