Mahesh is thrilled with my success

Mahesh Babu has been supportive of his brother-in-law, Sudheer Babu, from the moment he debuted in films. Now, Sammohanam is receiving good revenues and he is getting huge appreciation too. So, how is Mahesh feeling about this success now? Sudheer Babu said, “I felt really happy that Mahesh pushed me to promote the film as extensively as we can. His belief in the movie came true and he is very happy looking at my success. He has been sharing his views about the movie in his close circles and when I hear about it, I feel proud and responsible.”

What really made Mahesh think this is the film? Sudheer Babu said, “I really don’t know but he talked about the making values and also, the story value. I got great confidence from this movie that I can handle, different roles and portray complex emotions as well. I will now, try to look for unique films that have high story value and will produce such innovative films only on my production house.”

He also shared that he is receiving many compliments for his performance and is hoping to find such diverse roles doing forward as well. He talked about Pullela Gopichand biopic and said that he is preparing for the film in a unique way. He also shared that he is trying to observe Gopichand more and capture his body language and style, to make his performance look as authentic and lively as it can get close to real life.