Did Mahesh get GST notices?

From major sources, the latest news is that Mahesh Babu got GST notices as AMB owner, which profited 35 lakhs in January by not abiding to the ticket price rules.

The new superplex got permission to put the ticket rates higher than 150/- but they have to include GST amount as well in the gross ticket rate. This rule is applicable to all multiplexes and theatres.

Hence, famous Multiplexes have reduced their ticket price as GST changed from 28% to 15%. Accordingly, 150/- ticket has come down to 138/- even in Prasads which has been charging same from inception.

At AMB, charges have been above 200/-. With new rules it came down to 185/- and they had to change this from 1st Jan. According to sources, for many days in January, the superflex did not reduce the price and they profited the above said amount.Well, sources from AMB rubbished the reports and said that they have followed all the rules thoroughly.