Mohan Lal established himself as a legend in acting and as a star at the box office as well. His latest blockbuster Lucifer in Malayalam got a Telugu release on 12th April. Let’s discuss how the movie is…

Plot:: PK Ramdass (Sachin Khadekar), CM of the state dies due to a conspiracy. His son-in-law Bobby (Vivek Oberoi) takes over the party and his intentions are clearly bad. He has to be stopped by Stephen Edapally (Mohan Lal), the estranged son of PKR. Can he? If he does so, how will he? Watch the movie to know the answers…

Performances:: Mohan Lal is at his charismatic best. He is given the top chair and huge respect by the team that truly been inspired by his body of work to the fullest. But they used his screen presence and star power more than his ability to act. Still, he could play the character with an ease that only he can bring to such a larger than life personality.

Manju Warrior, Tovino Thomas, and others did their job very well. Prithviraj in a cameo did some good stunt work. Vivek Oberoi held the movie together as a big villain and he is really good in scenes where we can easily hate him.

Technicalities:: Music by Deepak Dev is an asset for the film. Back Ground Score keeps changing with scene and situation. We can listen to separate tracks from the film to feel the high.

Written by Murali Gopy, the movie fails to understand the real character depth that a story like this can give to the protagonist. Rather it keeps building on the elevations that popular actors can get and follows the beats set by God Father like films. While its intentions seem to be good, the commercial angle seems to have overpowered the story element. Had story also worked out well, the movie could have been a commercial classic.

Editing by Samjith Mohammed. The movie has a good flow and rhythm because of him. He could have made some adjustments here and there to make the film even more crispy.

Cinematography by Sujith Vasudev is a highlight for the movie. The colors he used and frames show his passion towards the craft.

Directed by Prithviraj Sukumaran, the movie seems to be an ode to the star power of Mohan Lal. He literally appears in a role that almost seems like bowing down to the master who inspired him. But the fanboy in him overpowered the narrator. Few scenes feel like they should have been worked out even better than they did. There are many instances where Mohan Lal’s screen presence only saved the film from drowning.

Analysis:: The major mythology of this movie depends on biblical stories of angels and demons. It talks about retribution, good vs evil and how people don’t really know the truth behind politics of power. This movie talks about a don, an estranged kid and a man who could easily control an entire state. All of them is Mohan Lal.

Making a movie that showcases it, the protagonist, as a complete superhuman is not as easy as it looks. Prithviraj as the debutante did a fine job but took the story altogether to a level of disbelief that we fail to comprehend what we did see in 2 hours time. Still, for Fanboys of commercial masala cinema, this works to an extent.

Rating: 2.5/5

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