Liposuction The Fat And Look Fit

Actors belonging to various film industries are always under a pressure to look presentable. In Hollywood liposuction and other forms of plastic surgery are quite common as the actresses and models prefer to stay zero size even after becoming mothers. The same trend was brought in India as well, with actors looking for ways to loose their extra fat in faster ways. So let’s look at the actors who did undergo the knife to get fit

ChiranjeeviChiranjeeviMegastar Chiranjeevi was regarded as one of the most fittest stars of Telugu screen with his dances being graceful and fast. But even he grew out of shape with age during his Rikshawodu days and got back into shape for Hitler by taking time off. But when it came to Mrugaraju time, he had to rely on the medical process to remove the fat and look his best for Indra. Even for Khaidi No 150, he went under the knife it seems.

Jr. NTRNTRJr. NTR has been a symbol of grit and determination in Tollywood. He was always chubby and in his early years that worked in favour of him but when he grew completely out of proportion in Rakhee, he was asked to shed extra weight by Rajamouli and NTR with the help of Lipo and workouts turned fit for the role. And Yamadonga noted to be his comeback after many flops.

Manchu VishnuVishnuManchu Vishnu was introduced to screen under the direction of Dasari Narayana Rao and till Dhee he looked chubby on screen. But he changed his looks for Saleem with the help of Liposuction and slowly with workout gained a much better fit look on screen.

NayantaraNayantaraNayantara, when introduced to screen was a chubby actress and was considered for homely roles only. She slowly but surely was considered for glamorous roles too but with negative feedback for her looks she underwent liposuction and made workout her daily routine. Now she is the hottest actress of them all and highest paid too.

Hari KrishnaHarikrishnaAfter Son’s successful weight loss, even his father Hari Krishna followed the same path to go under the knife. He did this to not put himself under risk of heart attack and cardiac arrest at his age. Even though he changed considerably he considers to be fit for his age.

Divya VaniDivyavaniOnce a glam doll and homely actress who had a great pairing with Rajendra Prasad, became overweight after taking a break from acting. In her second innings in the film Radha Gopalam she looked out of shape and then she went under the knife to get back to desired shape for character roles.

RaashiRaasiBefore Raashi Khanna there was young chubby beauty Raashi who took over the scene as a child actress and then as a lead with Subhakanshalu. But after marriage she bloated up and then to make a comeback she needed to shed lot of weight as she was struggling to even walk. Now after the surgery she looks fitter and is looking at better roles.

Sri HariSri HariYes, you may be surprised with his name in the list, but the body builder actor also went completely out of shape during his Sheshadri Naidu days and went for a liposuction to reduce the fat in his body. Sadly, before he could take over the scene again as a character actor like his early days fate took him away with a liver disease.

Aarthi AgarwalArti AgarwalIn all the mentioned list, she is the most unfortunate of them all. She was very temperamental and sensitive to comments on her body but she chose to stay put till she was getting offers. But with lack of them and a bad divorce, she decided to go under the knife but due to complications she died on the table due to cardiac arrest.