Our parents and elders advice us to not lie under any circumstances but our whole world survives on many lies. Even in certain situations we are forced to lie to our closed ones too. Sometimes the damages are permanent while sometimes it is his highly necessary to LIE.

Plot : Charitra (Megha Akash) is a miser and she likes to run behind the money. She decides to marry a software professional just to enjoy honeymoon in US but her plan fails. She ends to going to US with a proxy husband A. Satyam (Nithiin). He is a great loser in life and thinks marrying a white girl will change his life completely. On the other hand, Intelligence Department tries to nab a Master of Disguise, Padmanabham (Arjun) but their mission needs to crack a painting to succeed. Who will help them? Who is Padmanabham? You have to watch it on screen to know more …

Performances : Nithiin tries hard to rise above the script but he is constantly harmed by the tacky writing. He looks ultra stylish and great on screen but he doesn’t have much to do than look good and run on the streets of US. Megha Akash is a find in terms of beauty but she needs to act well to survive further. Arjun Sarja is a brilliant actor and he proves it again. But even his efforts have been underwhelmed by the script and under the weight of half baked writing even he suffers.

Technicalities : Yuraj as the conviction to go beyond the regular stuff but he misses the point on getting it right on screen. He misses the tonal consistency and we feel the rushedness on screen too. Mani Sharma manages a good album and BGM score but he wastes it in a bad screenplay. S.R. Sekhar doesn’t edit the movie properly. He might be rushed but even if he is, he should have cut the movie better as it had an opportunity to be an easily engaging blockbuster.

Hanu Raghavapudi has a knack in writing good punchlines but he fails in executing his ideas on screen perfectly. His problem strikes back again but this time he even fails to engage audience. He tries to keep the proceedings interesting but lacks the conviction to maintain a consistent pace in the film with interesting twists and turns. You need to set right pace for the things to work out but he seems to be in a rush and ends up making a clumsy movie.

Analysis : The movie feels highly rushed and it needed at least one or two more drafts from the director. We cannot say if they team rushed to release for the date but it looks like they have. The movie had some good points going but it fails to execute them right on screen.

Rating : 1.5/5

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