Let us also have a release – R Narayana Murthy

R Narayana Murthy, he is one of those long standing actors who continued to believe in his ideals rather than commercial cinema. He never expected his movies to have popular song and dance routine rather he wished to have his films reflecting his ideals and bring some change in the people who saw the movies. He majorly concentrated on bringing the several issues of working class and middle class to the forefront and asked governments and people to take notice of the plight. With his movies like Orey Rickshaw, Singanna and many more he became known as a People’s Star who stands for the people, by the people. His major idea was to make movies in the budget that is recoverable with him as a lead and not have anyone suffering with his movies rather understand the problems of those who are silently suffering. For his beliefs he even rejected a movie like Temper even though he was offered a blank cheque.

For quite sometime he handled music, lyrics, editing, story, screenplay, direction and production for his movies until he lost huge. Still he has a name and fame among the audience. Owing to that he recently made a film with Jayasudha, Head Constable Venkataramayya. The movie is scheduled for a Sankranthi release on 13th or 14th of January. He is unable to get enough theatres for release. At the recent function held about the movie, R Narayana Murthy expressed his grief in some strong words regarding the issue. He claimed that the two big movies Khaidi No 150 and Gautamiputra Satakarni are occupying all the theatres in every centre and his movie is not even able to secure one theatre.

He said, “This is just monopoly of big filmmakers and producers keeping the crazy heroes as mascots. I am not a Megastar or Yuva Ratna but even I survived in the industry for 30 years. All I make are small movies and request the film chamber and producer council to stop this unhealthy monopoly by several influential people who are increasing the rents and ticket rates of theatres. With this kind of a behaviour they are killing the interest of the people who are willing to watch the small movie. ” My movies won’t collect in their zone and I don’t claim my every movie will be a hit. Even this movie could fail but let people decide that. You people are able to secure maximum theatres with your name and craze but leaving at least one theatre for us will not reduce your profits.

For every big occasion you’re bringing your movies and not letting a small film to even release. What kind of healthy competition are you trying to establish here? Don’t you know that one day you were also a small filmmaker and it is these kind of films that helped you? Just let at least one theatre per village and city to showcase my film. Small films are not just to feed theatres in between your big releases. They are films too and they can make or break careers too.” His emotional outburst in his typical style is one way of expressing everything that is wrong with the current bussiness structure of Telugu Film Industry.

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