Lawrence gives a memorable gift to his mother!

Dance choreographer turned actor turned director turned musician turned producer is known for his philanthropy activities as well. He always made sure that he shares whatever he has with those who are not as lucky as him. He remembers how it is to feel hungry and takes it as his duty to help others. Now, the man to show his devotion and appreciation towards his mother, he built a temple for her.

Yes, he installed a milk stone statue of his mother in his Raghavendra Swami temple in Ambattur, Chennai. To inaugurate the temple, he invited fight master Super Subbarayan who helped him in his early career to find a footing. When asked about it, Lawrence answered in his usual emotional way, “I wanted to built a temple for my mother while she is alive and today, I am able to do it. My mother sacrificed everything for me and I wanted to thank her for that. This is the way I thought would be better.”

On the occasion of inauguration, Lawrence planned to give away 1000 sarees to old women and redeem six mangalasutras from the lenders for those women who took amounts on loan keeping their mangalasutra as security. He said, “I am touched by every mother who helped me in reaching the position I am in today and I want to spread as many smiles as possible.” He signed off dedicating the temple of his mother to all those mothers who sacrifice everything for their children.

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