Krishna Vamsi is in a deep introspect!

Krishna Vamsi, the creative director of Tollywood, has been struggling from a long time to make a hit film. He has been able to find few respites here and there with Chandamama and to an extent, Rakhi but many of his fans have complained that he lost his usual touch. The maker has now realised that as his Nakshatram could not even ignite a positive feedback from his die-hard fans.

The movie failed to gain a decent opening and this pushed the director into a deep introspect and he is thinking about how to come out of this jolt. His friends whom he trusts dearly have also told him that he lost his touch. They have complained to him about the quality of the film and also, as it went over-budget by five crores, they advised him to think about the future plans quite seriously.

The director himself is shocked with such backlash and he is looking for various ways to correct his mistakes in his future films. He is still regarded as one of the few original directors but him making such a tacky film disappointed his core audience too. Well, we hope he regains his touch again with his next movie.

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