Krish asks Kangana how can she sleep?

Krish talking about Manikarnika and Kangana taking credit as a director said, “I don’t understand how Kangana can sleep well by taking the first credit in direction when she does not deserve it.”

He went on to say that he just got 30% of the remuneration as producers cut his fee stating that he only shot 30% of the film.

He said, “Over 70% of the film is still what I shot as a director. Kangana asked me for changes and said that my version looked like a cheap Bhojpuri film and even producer Kamal Jain took her side. But only 20 minutes in first half and 15 minutes, a total of 35 minutes are re-shot and rest they used my version only.”

He continued, “Some of the iconic shots you see in the climax battle are shot by me and I am thankful to them that did not distort it so much.” He also said that he designed a good antagonist role for Sonu Sood as Sadashiv Rao and Kangana took out the meat.

He also said that the main demand from Kangana was to kill all those characters that looked like dominating her on-screen and the film should be more about her. Krish then finally said, “I wasted more than one and half year on the project to be given a second credit! I won’t be silent on this matter.”