Kona Venkat Gets Bumper Bonanza Offer

Writer-Director-Producer Kona Venkat is a busy customer with some or the other movie in production. He is currently overlooking the works of Nani starrer Ninnu Kori. The movie stars Nivetha Thomas and Aadi in key roles. The movie is about a NRI young man reaching USA in search of his love. The movie is scheduled for a June release. DVV Danayya is producing the movie.

Apparently, with many technicians looking to increase their remuneration by taking a sizeable share in the profits, Kona Venkat too decided to do so as a writer. Not many writers have guts to ask for a share in the profit as they are worried whether their initially promised payment will be honored by the producer or not. But Kona Venkat is different as he has a long list of successes to his name and due to him the project started to roll in the first place.

Kona Venkat convinced DVV Danayya to take up the project when the producer is looking to set up a combination with a known director. He took Shiva Nirvana’s script and fine tuned it to the liking of the producer. He also became the executive producer of the movie has 70% of the movie takes place in US. So the producer gladly accepted his clause and offered him share in the profits. Even though he did hit a lean patch, the writer proved that he is the best survivor in the Telugu Cinema Industry today!

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