Kona Venkat announces special interaction for NRIs

Kona Venkat is one of the busiest producers who has been able to build a glamour around himself. He started off as a small time producer but with losses during the early stages, he turned into a writer and as a writer became so busy that he was trusted to be a brand and hit machine. Even big heroes wanted him to associate with his formula of comedy mixed with action. The formula worked for many actors and even as a producer he became successful this time.

Now, with few failures he has slowed down from being too aggressive but changed his formula to a more content driven films with younger heroes trying to minimalize the losses as much as possible. With this plan in motion, he is now producing a movie with raising Natural Star, Nani who proved that he has a box office power with Nenu Local. The movie shooting is happening in USA at several locations, as it is about a NRI telugu boy falling in love and finding the odds to survive in America.

The movie is shooting is progressing at rapid speed and the producer announced on his social media account that Telugu NRIs in Bay area can meet the team for three days during 24th, 25th and 26th as a Shiva Ratri gift. Nani, Nivetha Thomas will be available during the time it seems and he invited everyone with their spouses for a casual conversation and dinner. Well, great way of promoting while in production, isn’t it?

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