Kittu Unnadu Jagratha

One boy fell in deep love with a girl and to arrange her money, he falls in the trap of loans from goons and to pay off, becomes Dog Kidnapper. This is in short, Krishna Murthy aka Kittu, the boy I met today. A very half enjoyable story that is, the did not enjoy it completely but had some fun time with it.

Plot : Kittu aka Krishna Murthy (Raj Tarun) and his gang kidnap dogs from big shots and pay off a loan he took from Jaggu Bhai (Prabhakar). He has fallen in love with Janaki (Anu Emmanuel) but she broke up her relationship with him. A big businessman AIR (Arbaaz Khan) blackmails several people with name and uses their secrets to earn money. He stores all the information in a safe. But one day Kittu kidnaps his own girl’s dog and she gets kidnapped too. Why and what happens next forms the rest of the story in the film?!

Performances : Raj Tarun improved in his comic timing and romantic scenes but still he needs to put a lot of work on his expressions and also he needs to work on his body language. He is getting repetitive with each film and some more hard work will help him attain the experience and confidence to carry off any role. Anu Emmanuel looked beautiful but her dead pan expressions and heavy base Chinmayi dubbing did not sink in well with her character. Still she looks pretty and here to stay for some more years.

Prudhvi once again carries the comedy track of the movie on his shoulders and he is at the level Brahmanandam and Ali, for today’s generation. His comic timing as Rechukka helped the movie to maintain momentum through out. Fish Venkat had one or two moments in the movie. Arbaaz Khan brings in nothing to this movie and any other actor would have fit in equally easy in the role. He didn’t do that well either. Praveen and Sudharshan get some good weightage and scenes. Raghu Babu, Venu and Vennela Kishore does contribute and Naga Babu is there fill the screentime.

Technicalities : Cinematography by Rajasekhar is good but the movie would have benefited much more with a consistent tine. He does well in songs but in few scenes his work doesn’t shine bright. Editor M.R. Verma looses his heat during the film in the second half. Even though he is now an experienced editor he still cuts the movie like a new comer and he needs to rectify that soon.

Music by Anup Rubens has nothing good or hummable but doesn’t leave you to cringe in the theatre either. His work leaves you much to desire with. Even his Background doesn’t work much for the tone of the film. Srikanth Vissa who wrote a wafer thin storyline for the movie has nothing more to contribute than that. Sai Madhav Burra might have had his hand in screenplay as well but his dialogues does have few jokes here and there that work. Even he relied on adult jokes and that hurts his fans a bit.

Screenplay and Direction by Vamsi Krishna is very very immature. He further undermines an enjoyable premise and we tend to lose interest at times we had to feel invested. Prudhvi does come in and save the movie but with a good core emotion in the centre, the movie would have become even better. The scenes are heavily inspired from movies like Hera Pheri, Express Raja, Swamy Ra Ra and several other English, Korean, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies. The originality by the creators comes out only in the character of Rechukka. Many elements in the screenplay that form subplots seem heavily boring and even the premise gets too predictable.

Analysis : Movie suffers with second half syndrome like many other recent Telugu movies and lack of experience on the part of director and his immediate team does point out more flaws than pluses. On the whole with all the flaws the film does give some good moments of fun but undermines the entire effect of the film. You can enjoy this flick for this weekend and forget about it easily.

Rating : 2/5