Kirrak Party

Meera could only love Lord Krishna as a devotee. Even though the idea of her devotion towards him being reciprocated in the form of love back, is desirable, Krishna accepted her as his devotee only. He gave her the highest place in his devotees. Meera was happy with it too. What if the roles reversed? What would Meera have done? She would have wanted a relationship beyond devotion? Many questions… Very few answers…

Nikhil Siddhartha’s Kirrak Party released on 16th March, Friday. The movie with its teasers and trailers promised a film that will take us back to our college days. Could Saran Koppisetty and Nikhil Siddhartha deliver on that promise?

Plot : Krishna (Nikhil Siddhartha) gets into an Engineering College and finds a seat in Mechanical Engineering only, due to his rank. His parents wants him to only concentrate on studies and nothing else. But as name suggests, Krishna is a naughty person and he has an innocenct good heart behind it. He has a streak of rebellious attitude too.

But all that is hid away from everyone. Only his naughtiness is evident and that becomes a problem for him. He forms a batch with first year students and starts a friendship with senior and most lovable girl of the college, Meera Joseph (Simran Pareenja). She finds him a very good friend and he keeps pushing her to love him. But all of it comes a sad ending with an accident. It changes Krishna completely. A junior to now senior 4th year student Krishna, Satya (Samyuktha Hegde) starts forcing him to love her. How did that end? What are other issues that Krishna developed over the years? Can he find light at the end of the tunnel? Watch the movie for answers..

Performances : Nikhil Siddhartha is good as Krishna. He transformed his looks well enough to make us believe that he is a young college student and a rough rugged 4th year student too. His work on physical transformation is highly visible on screen and we have to appreciate him for that. In acting, he could have tried not make us remember his Raju, character from Happy Days. That would have made it even better.

Simran Pareenja gets a meaty role but the actress proves herself as a pretty face than a good actress. The impetus of the entire movie emotional core, is her character and she should have delivered much better performance. Samyuktha Hegde is not as good as she is in the original.

Deepthi Sunaina and others youngsters, did not understand the difference between chemistry and hamming in acting. We have to say, if their casting was done well, the comedy in the movie would have worked out in another level. Brahmaji is a value addition to this film.

Technicalities : Ajaneesh Loknath had his work cut out. He just needed to use the same tracks he composed for the original Kirik Party and even the vocals were same. So, it felt like we were watching the same movie again with different actors. Even for new viewers the lyrics will be a big problem.

Advaitha Gurumurthy, the Cinematographer tried hard to capture the magic of original. But his vision need not had to follow the same color palette and same shot division. He could have tried something new to connect with Telugu audience.

Editor MR Varmaa, seems to have rushed up his edit in the second half mostly. He uses many effects and transitions that make us know, we are watching a film, rather than trying to let the storty and scene play out. That nature of his hampers this movie too.

Screenplay and dialogues by Sudheer Verma and Chandoo Mondeti, don’t really try to deviate from the original or bring in a fresh version of the same story. They just did a translation job than writing a creatively adapted screenplay for the film. One feels they were too scared to change anything.

Saran Koppisetty, the debutante director forgot that Telugu nativity doesn’t just comes from taking Telugu actors but they needed to behave have Telugu people too. Mostly in trying to recapture the essence of the original he miscalculated some of the jokes and their landing did effect the film. Even emotional weight too felt really low from the original. For a viewer, who haven’t seen the original, the movie will still have issues like comedy and chemistry between the actors.

Analysis : Even though there are clever minds at work here, the creative energy of Kirrak Party doesn’t match to the levels of Kirik Party. The original movie, even though feels like a rehash of Telugu, Happy Days, it finds it’s own tone after a while. It has a quality of being true to the nativity of the language it is trying to cater.

Kirrak Party, does try to deviate a bit here and there but it’s soul seemed more fabricated from outside than trying to give a voice to emotions generated organically from the hearts of the makers. May be that’s the reason, even though it is engaging enough, it doesn’t appeal as much as the original. Still, a watchable film for weekend.

Rating : 2.5/5

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