The major reason for the existence of balance in law and order and crime in the world, is the few brave souls who fight the organised crime as Police. They don’t care for good facilities when they are on duty and they even dedicate their family time to stop these criminals. Sometimes they even lose their most precious things in life. What do they gain after many sacrifices? Do they get the deserved respect?

Plot : Dheeraj (Karthi) is a good responsible citizen who is very bright in investigative skills. He wants to dedicate his life to bring justice to the people around him. He meets Priya (Rakul Preet Singh) and they end up marrying each other. Dheeraj takes charge of the mysterious highway murders case. He finds clues for finding the gang and goes to many lengths to trace them. But one night they attack his sub-ordinate’s house and Dheeraj too lose precious person in his life. What happens next and how he catches the criminals forms the rest?

Performances : Karthi gives one of his best performances in the movie. He lives in the character for most part. He doesn’t let his own personality take over the character and that is a plus for this investigative drama.

Rakul Preet Singh even though performs well in her character her scenes become the major hindrance for the movie. She tries to induce a lot of life but the lady writing in her scenes doesn’t really add up to the overall screenplay.

Abhimanyu Singh and other actors perform well in the scenes given to him.

Technicalities : Shivanandeeswaran, the editor of the movie doesn’t really cut the movie well enough to give a deep lasting impact. The cut seems to be diluting the scenes rather than improving their quality.

Sathyan Sooryan, the cinematographer of the movie shoots well enough but his shots lack a consistent tone at time. While some seem to have good depth some just look too flat.

Ghibran scored the Back Ground for the movie. Even though it sounds well, the overall impact is diluted. His songs too doesn’t really reverberate after the movie is over.

H. Vinoth tries to bring an authenticity to the proceedings but it feels too long and lengthy. The diluted narration lacks any depth in the proceedings that make the movie, a TV film at best. He tries to keep the proceedings real but they don’t really leave a better impact because of his lose handeling.

Analysis : Even though director and writer tried his best to infuse interest in the proceedings there are many Crime Patrol episodes that deal with these kind of cases. He needed to create even better impact by adding some more detailing to the overall film which looks a bit rushed in important scenes. On the whole, it is a good enough effort that can be enjoyed as a weekend fun film.

Rating : 2.5/5

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