KGF sets a milestone!

KGF film might not be a huge success when we compare a dubbed film of Suriya or Rajni with it. But any Kannada movie couldn’t really show off such collections or create a fan frenzy for it.

So, KGF is the first one to do so. It has a set a milestone of Rs. 10 crores share for its next part and other Kannada Dub films too. With this movie becoming a success many Yash old films might have been getting ready for a release in Telugu, now.

With Sankranthi films starting their box office war on 9th, this is the last weekend for the movie and most probably, it could add a 50 lakhs to one crore more. The movie has made double profits for Telugu buyers.

Area Share (in Rs.)

Nizam 4.14Cr
Ceeded 1.95Cr
UA 1.18Cr
Guntur 0.76Cr
East 0.61Cr
West 0.49Cr
Krishna 0.91Cr
Nellore 0.24Cr

Total 10.28 Cr