Keerthy Suresh almost confirmed for Savitri biopic

Savitri, an actress par excellence from the golden age of South Indian Cinema, mainly Telugu and Tamil, saw enormous love from audience for being a great beauty and best actress. Her roles in films like Mayabazaar, Missamma, Ardhangi, Donga Ramudu, Devadasu, Aradhana, Sumangali, Velugu Needalu, Devatha and many more. She was complimented the most by Akkineni Nageswara Rao saying that she improved a lot from Devadasu days to a stage where acting with her became a competition and if they were not on their money, she would easily grab the attention. About her, Sobhan Babu too shared an experience saying that while doing a scene with her, they had an exchange in the scene.

He was waiting for her to complete her line to react but she took a pause and he thought if she forgot the lines but actually she gave an expression during the pause. Watching the scene on screen he was mesmerized it seems. Many many such testimonies about her talent has she acted in mote than 200 films in both Telugu and Tamil, 110 in Telugu and 92 in Tamil. But in her personal life she was not as lucky as she was on screen. She fell in love with Tamil actor Gemini Ganeshan, at an early age and married him in 1955. The actor was already married and he married 4 women in his life. She was addicted to alcohol during her later career stages before diagnosed with blood cancer.

At the age of 45, she looked like a 60 year old due to her disease and in her last films, she looked completely different from her popular self. She is survived by her daughter, Vijaya Chamundeswari who had a turbulent relationship during her dying stage. Capturing this larger than life image and person on screen to perfection is huge challenge and Yevade Subramanyam fame, Naga Ashwin took up the tough task to accomplish the impossible. Ashwini Dutt will be producing the movie. Who will be Savitri has been a big question? The answer was Samantha till yesterday but the team has clarified that Samantha is playing a key role and Keerthy Suresh is being finalised to play Savitri. It is 99% confirmed and the young actress is kicked about the part. She has to complete the official signing on the dotted line to concrete the agreement.

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