Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas like Vikramarka from Vikramaka Bethala has been trying to catch the Bethala, in his case box office success. He came up with a new film, Kavacham on 7th December. Let’s see if he is successful now?


A girl (Mehreen) asks for an young cop, Vijay (Bellamkonda Srinivas)’s help when she is being raped by a gang. Vijay rescues her and then tries to help her going out of his way, knowing that she got cheated by her boyfriend.

When his mother meets with an accident, girl gives him a suggestion to kidnap, revealing she is only heir for Samyuktha Group of Companies and she is Samyuktha. Vijay does as she says to get the money and then he gets to know that Samyuktha is actually the girl (Kajal) he loves and she is still kidnapped. He finds out that imposter Mehreen is actually Lavanya. Why did Lavanya do so? Who kidnapped Samyuktha? Watch the movie for answers …


Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas should take a break and start working on his dialogue delivery, diction and also expressions. Even though he wants to do only action films, he does need a good enough screen presence and connectible dialogue delivery and timing to entertain. Anyways, he has budget and he doesn’t have to worry about that aspect ever.

Kajal Aggarwal seems to be getting too old for these kind of films. Mehreen on the other hand is too young to appear in such roles that don’t give er at least screen time till the final frame, besides hero or someone. Both of them seems to have not been given scripts as they couldn’t even lip-sync.

Harshavardhan Rane was wasted. Neil Nithin Mukhesh had to just roam around and others like Pooja Srinivasan were used as props.


Chota K. Naidu seems to have had a field day with colors. He seems to have wanted the heroines to appear with lots of make-up and they did. Few VFX shots are so outstanding that we could say they were VFX with one look!

Chota K. Prasad as an editor worked hard to make a sense of the script and then lost interest himself too. Just assembled the scenes as a cut and left it there.

SS Thaman had a contest with scenes. Can the scene be boring than his loud drum beats? He wanted to know and won the contest as the scenes couldn’t match the loudness of his BGM.

Srinivas Mamilla as a writer seemed to have been too bored to bring something original to the table that really showcases his talent. He tried all the tricks in the book but those books are already read and re-written by likes of Rajamouli, V.V.Vinayak who are now trying to look beyond them. But Srinivas seems to have high level trust on them.

His trust did not pay off as he couldn’t become the dynamic director who can pull off an old story with new sequences. He very unassumingly tried to copy all other films and make a box office film, somehow. But the key to success ended up in a dark room even his hero couldn’t find in a single pillar house in between the ocean!


A film like Kavacham tells us how we shouldn’t be so much in love with 70’s and 80’s of Telugu Cinema. If we do love that era so much, we end up writing something that corresponds to that time period and not today’s generation. We suddenly come up with characters of single parents, rich and wealthy people falling in love with poor persons acting as poor people. And we also see conspiracies around them.

When Malliswari came up with similar subject but said in a comic way 14 years ago people remembered the comedy and forgot the story. But here we don’t even have good songs at least to forget the story that makers have surely forgotten to come up with. A very very poor attempt for the budget and talent the makers had in their armour. Bethala again flew away from Vikramarka’s grasp!

Rating: 1/5