Kathi Mahesh gets banned from entering Hyderabad

Police force in India, have a constitutional right to take extreme steps if they find any person or organisation working against the peace of the people living in the city. If they find them dangerous and also harmful for communal harmony, they can restrict the said person’s entry.

Kathi Mahesh, who has been a major part of media circus against the Film Industry and few individuals, has been awarded this ban by Hyderabad Police. He has been appearing on various debates as an intellect with an opinion on each and every aspect of the society. He waged war against fans of a star like Pawan Kalyan, first and then talked about political pressure on him for being a Dalit.

Now, in a live debate, he talked about Ramayanam and commented about the belief in Rama as Lord as foolish myth. This made many religion friendly organisations react against him giving rise to communal violence in the city. Police cancelled for various Hindu religious organisations any kind of permission for protests against his comments. As the situation seemed going out of hand, Telangana police dropped him off at Chittoor. Telangana state DGP clarified that they identitied Kathi Mahesh could be a communal threat and hence, even if he tweets during the period of ban, he will be taken into custody.