Kathalo Rajakumari

A story as old as the cinema itself, needs a good writer to mesmerize audience. Here the story is too old to feel the emotion and we needed writer to create good characters. But all we see is parade of scenes from 1970’s movies. Then the climax monologues are even dangerously pathetic that we lose patience after a couple of minutes.

Plot : Arjun Chakravarthy (Nara Rohit) and Sitha (Namitha Pramod) are friends in the childhood. Sitha loves Arjun even at that young age and Arjun too. But due to few unfortunate incidents Arjun moves away from Sitha. Arjun becomes a Villain and after long time due to a reason he meets her again. He tries to become the villain of her story and ends up being the hero. Why?? And How?? Watch the movie to know those details ..

Performances : Nara Rohit seems to be in confusion about his character like the writer through out the film. He doesn’t shine much and by the time, we think we are seeing some character and may be a tad bit of progress, the movie end titles role up. Rohit needs to avoid such films that doesn’t do any good for him. Namitha Pramod is confident and better than many debutants. But she doesn’t get a well written character and due to the tone being too old school, even her performance looks to be struck in the time machine. Naga Shourya, Ajay, Sri Mukhi, Prabhas Srinu and Avasarala Srinivas have some scenes that they are asked to be part off and they mechanically try to perform as per expectations. There are many others who doesn’t require a mention here.

Technicalities : Naresh Kancharana’s Cinematography is good in parts and he tries to give the proceedings some tone. But he is not completely in sync with the character motivations, if he adds that to his resume he would be a good technician. Kartheek Srinivas, the editor of the movie, might have had to struggle hard to make a sense of what the writer and director is trying to convey.

Ilayaraja scored two songs for this movie and we wonder did he really score those ineffective ones. Vishal Chandrasekhar just irritates. Mahesh Surapaneni, the writer and director of this movie lacks clarity of thought. He tries to make some sense out of his senseless ideas. But the director seems to be a fan of Vamsy and old Bharathiraja films. He tries to emasculate the same 70’s setting with simple background but that just bores us to the death.

Analysis : This movie needed a good clarity of thought from maker. But he fails to understand the emotions should make sense to others as well not just him. On the whole, he executes it like a short film and a teleserial. He forgot to make a film for 2017!

Rating : 1/5