Kamal has one member fan club in Pakistan

An anonymous user, on twitter, has started a thread asking people to share who their favourite actor is and from the country they belong to. Well, from many of those replies, not every reply was so interesting, but a Pakistani guy named Karan Kumar Khatri, has managed to grab the attraction. As per whatever we have come to learnt, Karan is the only member in the fan club of Kamal Haasan from Pakistan.

Karan is neither a Tamilian nor an Indian. He hails from Pakistan and despite the language barriers he has, Karan is one loyal fan of Kamal. Karan, once upon a time, got to watch Kamal’s Abhay, and spell bound with the performance of the actor, Karan started watching all the films of Kamal and currently, he is waiting for Indian 2.

He also kept a tab on the political steps of Kamal and like a typical fan of him, Karan believes that the party, and the leader, will definitely make a change. Karan hopes to watch Kamal’s movie in a theatre, but knows that it is not easy.