Kamal Haasan and Ajay Devgn in Indian-2?

We have very few directors who could really crossover and make films that excite not just regional audiences but National wide and International wide too. We saw makers like Balachander, Bapu and Mani Ratnam deliver big films in Hindi along with Tamil and Telugu. But in recent times, it is Shankar and SS Rajamouli, whom we can say to have actually crossed over to National level fame.

While Shankar is crafting a movie like 2.0 with utmost care and respect, we can sense Rajamouli not taking Baahubali success for granted and working hard to make #RRR, the biggest multi-starrer from Telugu, with Jr. NTR and Ram Charan, even bigger hit. Shankar after 2.0 announced Indian-2 with Kamal Haasan. In the film, Kamal will reprise his role as Indian that came out 25 years ago and still highly popular.

The latest buzz is that after working with Akshay Kumar in 2.0, to make his films viable all over India, Shankar has decided to go for an inclusive approach with several Hindi actors being given important roles in his film. Ajay Devgn’s name is heard very strongly and the actir is said to be a big fan of the director and the actor, Kamal Haasan. We have to wait and see, if this news will turn out to be true or not. 2.0 starring Rajnikanth is releasing in November. Kamal Haasan is coming with sequel to his Viswaroopam on 10th August.