Kalyanram’s new look becomes talk of the town

Nandamuri Kalyanram is one of the actors even though he has the talent, unable to make it as big as one would expect a person of his calibre would go. The actor has been trying hard to achieve the grand success that will make him a bankable star like his brother Jr. NTR, but his films haven’t been able to come out so well as they are expected. Now, he is a part of two films, MLA -Manchi Lakshanalunna Abbayi and Naa Nuvve.

While MLA, is said to be a good mix of commercial elements and political satire, his Naa Nuvve is said to be a pure romance. The actor has changed his looks for Naa Nuvve and that has become he talk of the town. We have never seen him looking so gullible and with spectacles in a movie. His looks doesn’t show him as an active and hyperactive hero, whom he has been playing on screen but we see him mellowed down considerable and more like a nerd, who is caught up among the books.

This makes the romance a breath of fresh air to watch on screen. Tamanna as a radio jockey too, will have full license to explore her comic side and talkative nature on screen. Two odds making a beautiful couple is not new but with Jayendra, PC Sreeram at work, we can say that the movie will have good visuals and it will be even more entertaining for audiences with good performances. The movie will be coming out in Summer this year and we can’t wait to watch the love story unfold on screen.