Kalyanram’s 118 turnout to be profitable venture

Nandamuri Kalyanram decided to try something completely out-of-box after facing disasters like Naa Nuvve, MLA and ISM. He decided to go for a psychological thriller, 118.

KV Guhan’s first Telugu movie became a profitable venture post release too. In Telugu states, movie managed to collect Rs. 8.88 crores share and it means it made a good 2 crores profit for buyers.

Even other areas and avenues have brought in decent revenues. The makers and the actor are happy that their experiment paid-off.

Area Share (in Rs.)

Nizam 3.84 Cr

Ceeded 1.20 Cr

Krishna 76 lakhs

West 45 Lakhs

East 57 lakhs

Guntur 68 Lakhs

UA 1.14 Cr

Nellore 24 Lakhs

Total AP/TS 8.88 Crores