Kajal in a negative role

Director Teja is known for identifying the hidden actor in a performer. He made Mahesh Babu shed all his old antics to perform in Nijam like a college student away from his image. He also gave Uday Kiran, Nithiin, Sunil the biggest hits in their career that we still talk about. He is the person responsible for Gopichand to make a comeback as a villain and gain huge popularity.

Now, he is trying another different experiment it seems. He is looking to bring out the negative shade in Kajal, the actress. We have known Kajal as a romantic lead, a seductress, a lovely wife and glam queen as well. But she never tried to portray a negative character which will expose her acting skills completely.

She is currently doing a movie in Tamil, Paris Paris, a remake of Queen. She is confident about the movie showcasing her acting talents. And now, in this latest movie with Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, she will be seen in a negative character or someone with a negative shade that will transform. Teja is directing the movie and soon, regular shoot of the movie will start.