Kajal in a mythological role?

Kajal Aggarwal has been accepting different kinds of roles so much that she doesn’t look at the director or actor opposite her. She is just looking at her character and if she likes it and story too, she is ready to adjust her dates and be busy everyday. Now, the actress is said to have accepted an interesting role in a socio-fantasy film.

She will be seen as Surpanaka, sister of Demon King Ravana from Ramayanam in the film, it seems. The movie will be produced by new production house and Bhargav, a new director will make the movie, it seems. Still nothing has been concrete about the movie. Meanwhile, she clarified that her latest decisions are not to ape some other actress’s success.

She said, “I am not trying to ape someone’s success or follow their path. We all feel like doing a film like that when you see a huge hit. But we have to realise, if you influence writers to write something like that for you, it will come out artificial and I don’t want to risk everything I earned by trying to win some fictional race. If something comes my way that excites me, I will do it, for sure. But it has to come my way!” Now, the actress is busy with Paris Paris, Bellamkonda Srinivas film and soon, will also act with Ravi Teja in Theri remake.