Kajal goes to Gym for Ice Creams!

Kajal Aggarwal is one of the most fit and beautiful actresses of South and Telugu Cinema. She has been maintaining her body and figure from past decade and still she is among the most desirable women in TFI. Nobody can believe that she is above 30 years of age. So, what is her secret to maintain her smart looks.

The actress said, “Ice Creams!” In any person’s case, ice creams are the real enemies. They won’t allow you to maintain a healthy diet once you get addicted to them. But Kajal revealed that she is obsessed with them. It is next level of addiction and she also shared that she carries a mini-frizer wherever she goes and if we open the door of it, we see all kinds of ice creams.

She explained, “Yes, I am obsessed with ice creams. I can stay away from any kind of fatty food but I can’t control myself when I see an ice cream. I got this habit from my parents and the ice cream obsession runs in our family. All I do, is spend more time in Gym to let myself treat with an ice cream.” Well, even some bad food habits can keep us fit.