Kajal booked her friend in school

We all have some sweet memories that we often share with our friends at get-togethers and gatherings. Whenever we meet them, we feel like sharing a funny story from childhood and then make fun of others as well. Kajal Aggarwal to not different from us. She likes to share her naughty moments that she holds so dear to herself.

She said, “In school, I was a naughty kid. I never got first ranks or school top marks but I always got first class marks. I used to be obedient when I enter the class but after that I used to do many naughty things without having to apologize. I used to pull off pranks but then I was a good student too.”

She continued, “One time, I and my friend, Lagna went for the school trip. She and I enjoyed alot. She kept telling me that we should go back to school and give attendance. I said no need of that and slept at home. Next day, teacher took us to the principal room and Lagna parents starts scolding her for being irresponsible. My parents did not take it too seriously but they did warn me. Lagna felt embarrassed for days and she did not talk to me. It took me many days and efforts to convince her to talk to me. In College days, I was a dedicated student but enjoyed them to the most.”